To our wonderful audience...

I am very sorry to have to announce that due to the current economic climate
Penny Pretzel Playhouse will not be having a 2010-2011

The Village of South Orange has been very generous in its support of PPP over the years but given the cuts to services that have been necessary to balance the village's budget It was not possible to fund even the small amount that is necessary to meet the differenc between ticket sales and the true cost of bringing performers to The Baird.

I am hopeful that funding will be restored in the future and that we will be able to bring you the best puppetry and storytelling around.

I will try to keep everyone updated via this web site and through our email list.

Thank you again for your past and future support.


Steven Hollow
Penny Pretzel Playhouse

The Penny Pretzel Playhouse
would like to find a new home!

So many people have asked me when we will return and bring back the great shows. I get several emails a month from performers that want to return, they enjoyed our friendly and receptive audiences. If you know of a location that would work as a performance space please let me know. A gallery, restaurant, community room, library or a shop with space will do.

I can be reached at:

Thank you for your help.


Steven Hollow
Director, Penny Pretzel Playhouse

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