November 5, 2009
2:00 PM


Caps for Sale

The PuppeTree will open Caps for Sale in November of 2009...this is a globetrotting re-telling of the classic children's book by Esphyr  Slobodkina uses a variety of puppet styles from diverse cultures. The show features (among many other things) Punch and Judy booths that actually go through the audience for the chase scene, hand and rod puppets ending in India with shadow puppets.

What is the Queen going to do with her ill-tempered and mean spirited daughter? The Princess, the most beautiful maiden in the land, is mysteriously turned into a dragon. A brave knight vows to capture the dragon and imprison it forever. To save herself she must prove to herself, her mother and the prince that she is truly a princess at heart. Her only friend turns out to be a fat, fuzzy rat.
Join Paul Fantini, founder of Storybook Puppet Theater for this charming tale of friendship and bravery.
Check out Storybook Puppet Theater at http://www.storybookpuppettheater.com
or call (908) 206-0449

Storybook Puppet Theater

The Princess Dragon

December 29, 2009
2:00 PM

The dragon princess and rat
The Queen

January 23, 2010
2:00 PM

Tucker Tales Puppet Theatre

The Bookaneers

The search for the source of all knowledge has been an age-old quest of the human race. But when a crew of mixed-up pirates set off to conquer the world on board the good ship Dictionary, learning becomes a hilarious adventure! Will they ever discover the treasure cove of Wisdom and Facts and rule the world? Join Captain Dewey and First Mate Decimal as they sail the seven seas toward true knowledge, and considerable laughter.

February 21, 2010
2:00 PM

Crabgrass Puppet Theater

The Day It Snowed Tortillas

“The Day It Snowed Tortillas” is a delightful folktale from Mexico about luck, love and lunch. A poor woodcutter and his wife have the chance of a lifetime – to become rich! All they have to do is keep a secret. Trouble is, the woodcutter is the biggest blabbermouth south of the border. “We have to keep this a secret!” she tells him.  “Absolutely!” says her husband. “I won’t tell anyone. . . except my brother . . . and my best friend . . . and my mother . . . and . . .”  “Enough!” says his wife. She cooks up an ingenious plan to divert any unwanted attention. All she has to do is make it snow . . . in July . . . in Mexico! The recipe for this hilarious show includes fantastic puppets, marvelous music, and one ridiculous chicken.

Bob Abadou aka Mr. Puppet

March 20, 2010
2:00 PM

Bob Abdou, know around the world as Mr. Puppet returns to New Jersey to entertain us with his eclectic assortment of puppets and fun.
When Mr. Puppet performed at Penny Pretzel 3 seasons ago the audience laughed so hard some they fell out of their chairs, really. So be careful, this kind of fun is contagious.

April 8 2010

Fun on a String

Puppet Vaudeville

May 22 2010
2:00 PM

Hobey Ford
Golden Rod Puppets

World Tales

Winner of puppetry's highest honor, the UNIMA Citation of Excellence, and recipient of three Jim Henson Foundation grants, Hobey Ford is known for excellence in puppetry performance and craft.

Hobey's intricate shadow puppetry work and creation of the original rod puppets, the "Foamies", have earned him a place on stages across the world. Hobey's performances incorporate a variety of puppetry styles including Bunraku, rod, marionettes, "Foamies", and shadow puppetry. Hobey adapts folk tales from a variety of  cultures his performance of World Tales, always adding a special "Golden Rod" twist. He uses his own voice to create characters and sound effects, tell stories, and sing.

The Fun On A String Variety Show performance incorporates hand puppets, hand- and- rod puppets, and marionettes. A variety show with lots of audience interaction and loaded with smiles.
Help Green Gus get the right eyes, nose and hair to make him look his best. Be amazed as marionettes perform unique tricks with a lively musical score. Everyone will enjoy the black light puppetry with exciting glow in the dark fun.
All the characters in the show are original characters created by Miss Penny

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